I garnered 40 percent of the votes for the Georgia State Senate District 46 office. In Clarke County, I gained 69%; in my home county of Oconee I got 28%; and in Walton, I earned 23%. Overall, 31,210 voters selected me as their next State Senator.

For 32 years, I was honored to be a public servant in the federal government. Many factors motivated me to run for public office but by far the most powerful motivator was my love of public service. Since I was a young woman in my twenties I have dreamed of running for public office and now that dream has come true.

Throughout my campaign, so many of you have thanked me for running and now I want to thank you for—
• Graciously hosting lovely intimate parties in your home
• Attending house parties and encouraging me with your heartfelt words of support
• Giving me wise counsel as we set up and executed our campaign
• Sharing your hopes and dreams with me for our community
• Knocking on doors for me and with me to share my views and seek input from voters
• Contributing money to my campaign to support getting the word out
• Sharing an evening with kindred spirits as you wrote postcards for me and other progressive candidates
• Sharing and liking and commenting and following on our social media platforms

Your involvement has changed the debate in our community in a very positive way. Our elected officials cannot and should not ignore your impassioned voices that have been heard in rallies, living rooms, and most importantly the voting booth.

I hope you’ll use this support of my campaign as your personal launch to future amazing contributions in your own community. That will be the greatest sustaining gift you can give yourself and your community.

Thank you so much.

The way is forward. The time is now!

Results of the Georgia Elections 2018