Financial support

Even modest campaigns cost money.  Any amount you can afford to donate will be deeply appreciated, and help us reach more voters and win in November.  If you have donated already, please consider donating again, and making it a monthly commitment.

To learn more, go to our Donation Form

Knock on doors

Marisue is committed to working for the people of this district, not just the lobbyists and corporate donors, and the most effective and enjoyable way you can help us reach the voters is to canvass, to knock on your neighbor’s doors, introduce yourself, and tell them why you support Marisue.  Even those who are reluctant to canvass at first come back at the end of their first shift excited, energized, and ready to do it again.  It’s easy and fun, and it’s reassuring to find that so many of the people you will meet share your views, and are ready and willing to vote for Marisue and the other Democrats on this year’s ballot.  Many of them want yard signs, and some of them will even be willing to join you in volunteering!

No experience is necessary, we’ll teach you everything you need to know, and send you out with a partner who has done it before.  Even if you’re a little shy you can help your partner navigate and keep them company, and help us cover more of our district.  Please check out the list of “Upcoming Events”, find a day and time that you’re available, and sign up below.

Athens Clarke canvassing signup

Oconee canvassing signup

Write “Postcards for Progressives”

We have an amazing slate of Democratic candidates running for office in Georgia, and we’ve joined with several of those campaigns to schedule postcard parties, where volunteers come together to socialize and write postcards for their favorite candidates.  We can then send those postcards out as election day nears, to ensure that all our supporters turn out at the polls and turn Georgia blue.  Here’s the current postcard party schedule, check out “Postcards for Progressives” on Facebook for updates and join us if you can!

Tuesday, Sep 4 Hendershots, 2-4 pm
Monday Sep 10 HiLo, 6-8pm
Wednesday Sep 19 Rook and Pawn, 6-8 pm
Thursday Sep 27 Jittery Joe’s, Watkinsville, 6-8pm
Monday Oct 1 Hi-Lo, 6-8pm
Thursday Oct 11 Rook & Pawn, 6-8pm
Monday Oct 15 Hi-Lo, 6-8pm
Thursday Oct 25 Jittery Joe’s Watkinsville, 6-8pm


Want to help but none of the above appeals to you?

Fill out this volunteer signup form, and we’ll find something that suits your talents and interests.

Thanks for your support–the most important thing you can do is tell 10 friends about Marisue, and vote on or before November 6!