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Athens Community Agenda hosted a forum for the community to meet and hear from state house and senate candidates on Oct. 15 at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, which has hosted similar events in the past.

Candidates included Bill Cowsert, incumbent District 46 State Senator and Senate Majority Leader, along with his Democratic challenger Marisue Hilliard. House District 117 was represented by Rep. Deborah Gonzalez and her challenger Houston Gaines, who left after the meet and greet from 6:00–6:30 p.m. Jonathan Wallace, incumbent for House District 119, was also in attendance though his challenger, Marcus Wiedower, was not.

“I think the community needs to be informed as do the people who are wanting to represent them, and they need to know them better so they can make an intelligent for when they go to the polls to vote,” said Pastor Abraham Mosely.

The audience contained around 20 people, though the room was set up to host a larger number. Some attendees were supporters and members of Gonzalez’s and Hilliard’s campaigns, and others were members of the church.

“I wish more people had attended because I think they need to get information, but I’m hopeful that … people were out voting,” said Michele Pearson, one of the three moderators for the event.
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